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The White Tale Coffee 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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Welcome to our coffee gift guide!

One of White Tale Coffee's founding beliefs is that specialty coffee should be accessible to everyone, regardless of experience, knowledge, or home brew setup. That means coffee can be the perfect gift for almost anyone, not just known coffee lovers.

Here is a practical coffee gifting guide for just about anyone on your list:


Open box of Cafe de Paz

Café de Paz ($20)

Our 2020 holiday blend with warming notes of berry, brown sugar, caramel, and flowers, which we’ve dubbed our “Coziest Roast Ever.” Adorned with custom holiday artwork, $1 per bag sold is donated to nonprofit organization Bridges to Prosperity.

The perfect gift for:

  • Tough teachers who’ve been working extra hard in 2020
  • Those in your life who deserve some holiday love, even from afar
  • Curators of throw pillows and chunky blankets
  • People who think Christmas starts on November 1st

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La Mirella Organic Coffee

La Mirella Organic Coffee ($25)

A beautiful Costa Rican light roast with notes of black fig and molasses. This is a customer favorite and frequently the roast we use to introduce new customers, friends, and business partners to our coffee.

The perfect gift for:

  • Enthusiasts who love discovering the newest coffee roasteries in town
  • The effortlessly perfect girlfriend whose favorite grocery store is Whole Foods
  • People who swear by Starbucks but haven’t tried anything else

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Coffee Subscription Boxes

Prepaid Coffee Subscription (starting at $66)

A tour through the Coffee Belt, our prepaid subscriptions deliver a new single-origin roast and accompanying tale for 3, 6, or 12 months. You can fully customize the frequency, roast intensity, flavor profile, and grind for each coffee subscription.

The perfect gift for:

  • Stir-crazy wanderlusters stuck at home
  • Cuisinistas who enjoy cooking and baking with coffee
  • Quarantined parents who deserve something nice
  • Partners you see lasting longer than 3 months

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Coffee Lover's Holiday Gift Box

[LIMITED EDITION] Coffee Lover's Holiday Gift Box ($79)

📣 Note to readers: This item has sold out. The coffees included in this box were Laderas, Chiuta, and select roasts from Whiskey Barrel Coffee if you would like to purchase any of these coffees individually. 

A curated selection of four unique coffees for the refined palate. Two bags of bourbon barrel aged beans, complemented by two bags of single origin roasts with warm flavor profiles. Please note all coffees are whole bean, so be sure to give this to a person who owns a coffee grinder.

The perfect gift for:

  • Bougie bosses who love life’s finer things
  • Parents who already have everything they need
  • Father-in-laws who like to talk whiskey and golf
  • People known to pour liquor into their coffee

Shop the Coffee Lover's Holiday Gift Box >

Santa Fe Organic Decaf Coffee

Santa Fe Organic Decaf Coffee ($25)

Our Mexican medium roast with notes of honeydew and fresh bread delivers a bright and flavorful cup without the caffeine hit.

The perfect gift for:

  • Unnaturally joyful morning people
  • Caffeine-conscious friends who still love the taste of fresh coffee
  • Coworkers with all the energy, even after the 2PM crash
  • Children

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Ometepe Nicaraguan Cold Brew Coffee

Nicaraguan Cold Brew ($19)

Our cold brew packets steep overnight and deliver a buzzworthy fresh brewed cup in the morning. With notes of caramel, graham cracker, and plum, this coffee is delicious on its own or mixed with your favorite creamer. 

The perfect gift for:

  • Influencers who like to make pretty, swirly coffee drinks
  • You, who likes to make pretty, swirly coffee drinks
  • Gift situations with $20 limits
  • Your boyfriend who thinks 60 degrees is still “too hot”

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White Tale Coffee Sample Pack

Coffee Sampler (starting at $20)

The official White Tale Coffee flight includes a “surprise me” mix of roasts and origins. And the tiny coffee bags are so cute!

The perfect gift for:

  • Introducing a coffee lover to a variety of our best roasts
  • Stocking stuffers for the fam
  • People who get bored easily
  • People obsessed with miniature versions of normal things
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Whatever you pick, we really believe you can’t go wrong! We’re honored to be a part of your holidays and wish you the absolute best.

Saludos y gracias from everyone at Team White Tale!

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