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Congolese Medium Roast Washed Process Flavor notes of sugar cane, black berry tart, and butter

$ 25.00

  • Why We Picked It: Nico and Tomas simply love the remoteness that the Democratic Republic of Congo inspires in us. It is the 'explorer' in both of us that is wildly attracted to one of Africa's biggest countries.

    Located near Lake Kivu in the DRC, SOPACDI was founded by Joachim Munganga in 2002. He restored an old washing station in the area to enable growers in these extremely remote highlands in DRC to get their coffee to the world. Now, this organic and Fair Trade certified coffee employs over 5,600 farmers, nearly 20% of them female, each of whom tending to their own small area of farmland.

    • Tasting Notes: Sugar cane, blackberry tart, and buttery softness
    • How to Brew: Coffee dripper, French Press, V60
    • We Roasted: Medium roast to allow fruity flavor notes to blossom, enhance the faint toffee aroma, and bring to life the earthiness that the West side of the Rift Valley coffee beans offers.
    • Variety: Bourbon and derivatives
    • Processing Method: Washed
    • Elevation: 1460–2000 m
    • Soil Type: Volcanic
    • Country: Congo
    • Region: North Kivu
    • Farm name: Various small farms
    • Grower: 5600 small farmers tendering cherries to SOPACDI
    • Harvest: March–June (main crop); September–October (fly crop)
    • Certifications: Fair Trade
    • New Lot: 2018, Same Washing Station

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Cris K.
United States United States

The experience was, and continues to be, very good. Good service, fast delivery, and great coffee! Will continue to order from White Tale!