White Tale Coffee

• Coffee Lover's Holiday Gift Box •

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Limited Edition Holiday Gift Box

We've teamed up with Whiskey Barrel Coffee to bring you a curated gift box of some of the best coffee Colorado has to offer. Both masters of our craft, we at White Tale specialize in bringing you premium, single-origin coffees from our partner farms, and Whiskey Barrel Coffee specializes in bourbon barrel-aged coffee blends.

Your gift box includes four whole bean roasts:

12oz White Tale Coffee | Laderas Roast: Colombian light roast with tasting notes of salted caramel, tangerine, and cocoa.

12oz White Tale Coffee | Chiuta Roast: Congolese medium roast with tasting notes of sugar cane, blackberry tart, and buttery softness.

10oz Whiskey Barrel Coffee | Angel's Share Blend: A customer favorite! Bourbon barrel aged dark roast blend with a delicious full bodied coffee taste and a delicate whiskey finish.

10oz Whiskey Barrel Coffee | Mocha Java Roast: An all-new medium roast that blends classic mocha flavors with aged whiskey notes for the perfect balance.

    More about whiskey barrel aged coffee: "We only place our Whiskey Barrel Coffee blend into bourbon barrels that have been used specifically for bourbon. When bourbon ages in a freshly charred oak barrel, the liquid and the wood play a delicate game. The barrel imparts its flavor into the bourbon, but it also retains around 20 lbs of bourbon within the wood. This lost bourbon is referred to by distillers as 'the devil’s cut.' As the green beans age inside fresh bourbon barrels, they slowly absorb the devil’s cut and take on the flavor characteristics of the bourbon. Our exclusive Vittoria Estate coffee is able to absorb the whiskey flavor without its coffee flavors being overwhelmed, allowing both flavors to meld and complement each other in the cup.

    Please note that all four bags will contain whole bean coffee.