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This Valentine's Day, Find the Perfect Match For Your Coffee

This Valentine's Day, Find the Perfect Match For Your Coffee


As we head into the first week of February, we are one step closer to Valentine's Day, which means celebrating it with your perfect match. Although in rare scenarios, you may not be fortunate enough to find yourself a perfect date (we most certainly hope not), we could definitely help you find the right match for your coffee.



A perfect match for your coffee? What could that mean? It means finding the ideal add-in ingredient that fits your choice of coffee the best, eventually finding its right match.


If you are a regular coffee consumer, you must know there are many different blends of coffee. You can't just combine different blends with additional ingredients that don't go together. To have a perfect cup of coffee, you need to find the ideal match for it. So without further ado, let's find the perfect valentine for your coffee:


#1 Oat Milk & Dark Roast Coffee

Finding the suitable add-in might get a little too tricky with intense flavors and bold colors of dark roast coffee beans. Traditionally, you could add milk, water, or some sugar, and you are good to go. But valentines is all about finding the right match to make a perfect cup of coffee. To have a perfect cup of Dark Roast Coffee, our suggestion is to combine it with Oat Milk and see how the magic of love brews.


Oat Milk is made from the extracts of oats. It has some incredible flavors that add the right amount of sweetness and enhance your coffee's consistency, allowing you to enjoy a creamy cup of coffee. It's not too diluted or thick, just the right amount, and of course, it is healthy.




#2 Cinnamon & Medium Roast Coffee

If you love medium roast coffee, we are sure it's because of the sweetness it adds to your coffee. But if you are bored of having the same coffee every day, how about you experiment with it this time and match your medium roast coffee with a hint of cinnamon?


Trust us, cinnamon is the best spice, just what your medium roast needs.


Cinnamon adds some sweet, woody, and intense flavors to your medium roast and balances the sweetness of the coffee with some spice. We all know that nothing beats sugar and spice, and this option is the spicy match for your sweet, medium roast coffee.


You might think this is odd, but valentine's day is about trying new things and taking your taste buds on a ride. Give this one a try, and you will enjoy this match for years to come.


#3 Caramel & Light Roast Coffee

While there's a huge misconception surrounding light roast coffee that it would have a light coffee flavor, that is not the deal at all. Light roast coffee has the most flavor and can be as strong as dark roast coffee. The light and dark used here do not refer to the taste; they refer to how the beans are roasted.


Which add-in fits best with light roast coffee?


A little sweetness, of course, but how about you add this sweetness to your light roast by combining it with caramel syrup instead of sugar this time? You have had caramel-flavored lattes, but this is different. We suggest using caramel not just only as a flavor but also as an element of sweetness; flavor just comes with it.


#4 Chocolate & Medium-Light Roast Coffee

Is it even possible to talk about Valentine's day or finding the perfect match without mentioning chocolate? The most demanded treat for the season of love. We are not talking about the regular Mochas you might have had; we suggest adding a full scoop of melted milk chocolate to your medium-light roast coffee.


Experience the love brew between the chocolate and medium-light roast coffee. Enjoy the enhanced flavors of your favorite blend of coffee. If you want to take it to another level, you can even use melted dark chocolate to add a little bitter-sweet touch to your coffee.


#5 Vanilla Ice Cream & Cold Brew

Even though cold brew is cold, it is not iced coffee. Let us tell you a little tip to find the perfect match for your cold brew. We have noticed how many people find the flavors of a cold brew coffee to be a little bland than others. Well, that's because they are soaked in water for a more extended period.


What if we tell you how to regain those flavors or make them better? Pour your cold coffee in a full scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream and see how well they complement each other. The creamy, rich ice cream will add the perfect amount of sweetness to your cold brew, and you can enjoy a fantastic cold coffee anytime you want.


Found your match yet?

While all of these combinations may sound enticing, the first step is to find the best kind of coffee beans, and here at White Tale Coffee, we master that. Give our La Uva or Cumbre a try, and you will know why we are the best. We are highly sustainable and have a wide range of coffee beans that suit all your taste buds.


The reason behind our sustainability is our approach of direct trade. We don't use third-party involvement when it comes to trading coffee; in fact, we have a direct relationship with the coffee farmers. This helps ensure two things, first as we mentioned, sustainability, and secondly, we check the quality of our coffee ourselves, so there's no compromise on that.


All in all, this valentine's day, let's focus on your coffee and find the perfect match to go with it. Pair up your coffee with the add-ins you like and experience the joy of love. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your valentine this year, you can explore through the gift section on our website to get your partner a White Tale Coffee gift box!

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