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Office Coffee and Employee Productivity When Working From Home

We've seen the world come in and out of pandemic and then finally hanging in limbo— between offices requiring employees to show up to work but also not minding them working from home. This constant and persistent back and forth with the change in the scenario has left many employees wondering what the future holds.

In addition, employee productivity and engagement have dwindled and then recovered in an erratic pattern which is hard to keep track of. Many human resource managers think it has something to do with employees' association with their offices which, of course, isn't there when they are working from home.

So what's precisely missing from an employee's working routine? Well, not that it's difficult to guess, but part of an employee's office routine includes having a warm cup of coffee before sitting down and diving headfirst into their work.

Why Is Work Coffee Absolutely Important For Employees?

Work coffee is important for several reasons; it keeps the employees happy, motivated, and productive. Here are a few reasons why office coffee cannot be replaced and should be provided by organizations to their employees, especially in this day and age:

1.   Promotes Ethical Behavior Among Employees

It doesn’t matter if employees are working from home or the office, caffeine, in general, helps employees stick to the rules and standards set by the company. It can be said that companies that provide their employees with good quality coffee boost ethical behavior.

2.   It Demonstrates That They Are Valued

Good quality coffee is an inexpensive yet valuable perk that employees enjoy. So why not gift them some? When you provide them with coffee, you're communicating two things: they are appreciated and that you value them. Providing your employees with warm beverages like coffee and tea gives them a chance to recharge and start their work with a fresh mind boosted by caffeine.

3.   Increased Productivity

It's not rocket science, but the consumption of coffee can help employees concentrate and increase their reaction time, responsiveness, and reasoning. It can also help with memory and concentration.

According to research, nearly 80% of employees had improved morale and were more motivated to produce their best work when given simple benefits like free coffee and tea—don’t let work from home stop you from caring for your employees.

4.   Creates An Encouraging Culture

When you do little things for your staff, you might have noticed that they tend to feel appreciated and therefore work well with no hesitation. Gifting employees free coffee during these difficult times will encourage them to give their tasks a 100%.

According to research, about forty percent of employees worked well and had constructive conversations over coffee that helped accomplish their daily tasks. In offices, coffee breaks positively improve the strength of teams in the workplace and simultaneously increase productivity.

5.   Improves Employee Morale

It's no surprise that employees will indeed prefer complimentary, organic coffee on a day-to-day basis instead of some virtual corporate party you throw for them. Rather than focusing on the bigger picture, why not give them something small and valuable? Free coffee, for example, is a cost-effective office perk that makes employees feel appreciated and taken care of.

Why do Managers need To Gift Employees Work Coffee?

Working in the office comes with several benefits, some of which essentially are centered around the joy of being able to take coffee breaks during work. But in offices, they are provided with coffees whereas working from home; nobody has that part covered for them.

So, what can managers do to help bring the spark back into employees' lives? It's simple; they could give employees gifts to restore their productivity, and what better way to do it than gift them coffee?

Recently, with the rise of people working from home, corporates have started sending them care packages and gifts that make the employees feel appreciated by their managers and the organization. The transition from offices to working from home hasn't been easy, especially when there's a vital chunk missing from the morning routine.

Employees have to provide such amenities by themselves, be it coffee or tea, which is not fair to them since coffee is usually in the office—that's what makes it enjoyable.

Good quality office coffee that employees enjoy before sitting down at their desks; there's nothing quite like it. But with the change in the working environment, this shift has forced employees to start with a disorderly working routine.

To help employees cope with changing times and world scenarios, what's better than sending them some personal care packages that are sure to remind them of the joy they associate with morning coffee?

If you're not sure where to source your coffee, then you must explore White Tale Coffee. We have several categories and ranges for you to choose from. Now is your chance to make your employees feel appreciated.

Show them that you care and are there for them through these uncertain times. There's nothing better than corporate care packages for employees that work tirelessly for you even in these trying times.

And, so:

If you’re planning on giving your employees a little token of appreciation, you must look into options that they will genuinely appreciate. No employee wants their managers to go out of their way only to end up not fulfilling their wishes.

As a manager, the most thoughtful thing you can do in these trying times is provide your employees with benefits that they will cherish. This will make them feel appreciated and instill a sense of belonging to an organization.

As human beings, all we really want is for someone to acknowledge our efforts. Similarly, your employees are waiting for you to be a little thoughtful and give them something worth appreciating.

You should check out the variety of corporate gifts here that your employees will actually enjoy!

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