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Dear Explorer

We're always looking to bring the best of the best coffee to you.

We’ve done some spring cleaning, and are making way for bigger, better, and bolder roasts. As we continuously search for the best coffees around the world, we dig into each type of coffee, farm, and growing region to find you what’s best right now. In order to keep you excited and our inventory as fresh and premium as possible, we’re giving some of our old roasts a break and bringing on some new star players.

If you're seeing this message, it is because the coffee you're currently drinking is no longer as easily available as other roasts on our site. Our roasting team is always on the lookout for the freshest beans, the best stories, and the highest quality cup. We invite you explore our current coffees to find some of the newest roasts we offer.

As we phase out some older roasts, we’re excited for this new lineup to peak your curiosity, satisfy your palette, and keep fueling your sense of adventure.

Yours in Wanderlust,
Team White Tale [ · )))))))>{