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  • La Uva Coffee

    Colombian Medium Roast
    Caturra, Castillo // Fully Washed
    Notes of Graham Cracker and Watermelon

    from $ 16.50

    Asante Coffee

    Tanzanian Light Roast
    Kilimanjaro Peaberry // Washed Process
    Notes of Dark Chocolate, Red Currant, Black Tea

    from $ 16.50

    Chiuta Coffee

    Ugandan Medium Roast
    Arabica varietal // Washed Process
    Flavor notes of chocolate, black tea, brown sugar

    from $ 16.50

    Cumbre Coffee

    Guatemalan Light Roast
    Caturra and Catuai // Honey Process
    Notes of Cherry, Apricot, and Milk Chocolate

    from $ 16.50

    Ariki Coffee

    Ethiopian Light Roast
    Yirgacheffe // Natural Process
    Notes of Berries, White Peach, Lemon, and Cream

    from $ 16.50

    Kitamu Coffee

    Ugandan Dark Roast
    Mt Elgon RFA (Rainforest Alliance) // Washed Process
    Notes of Chocolate, Black Tea, Brown Sugar

    from $ 16.50

    Laderas Coffee

    Peruvian Medium-Light Roast
    Catuai, Caturra, Catimor // Washed Process
    Notes of Milk Chocolate & almond

    from $ 16.50

    Pango Pango Coffee

    Sumatran Dark Roast
    Karo Highlands Grade1 varietal // Wet Hulled Process
    Flavor notes of Dark Chocolate, Golden Raisin, Pipe Tobacco

    from $ 16.50

    Urapo Coffee

    Colombian Medium Roast
    Caturra // Honey Process
    Notes of Caramel and Melon

    from $ 16.50

    Lava Quetzal Coffee

    Guatemalan Dark Roast
    Caturra, Catimor, Bourbon // Washed Process
    Notes of Dark chocolate and Full Bodied

    from $ 16.50

    Fazenda Coffee

    Brazilian Dark Roast
    Acaiá, Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo // Natural Process
    Notes of Kiwi with Peanut, Chocolate and Coffee Cherry

    from $ 15.00

    Tumbuh Coffee

    Papua New Guinea Medium Roast
    Typica, Bourbon, Arusha // Washed Process
    Notes of dark chocolate, guava, and almond

    from $ 16.50