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Book Review: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Book Review: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig


Nora is ready to kill herself. She OD’s. But, between life and death she visits the midnight library and lives multiple lives across parallel universes. Like many of us, she’s looking for the right life to live. 

When I was younger, I always felt a longing that was hard to put into words. The best I could describe it was the fear that I was missing out on other lives I wasn't living. If you've ever felt lost like this, so have I, and so has Nora. It's a dark book. But if you've felt lost before, you'll understand it, and for that reason the lessons learned are even more comforting.

The pacing in this book worked well - not too fast, not too slow. It's not overly descriptive, but it gives you enough to paint an image in your mind. I thought it was a great balance. 

Quotes that spoke to me:

"Her mind felt loud, like a Sturm und Drag symphony, as if the ghost of a German composer was trapped inside her mind, conjuring chaos and intensity."

"She imagined, now, what it would be like to accept herself completely. Every mistake she had ever made. Every mark on her body. Every dream she hadn't reached or pain she had felt. Every lust or longing she had suppressed. She imagined accepting it all. The way she accepted nature. The way she accepted a glacier or a puffin or the breach of a whale. She imagined seeing herself as just another brilliant freak of nature. Just another sentient animal, trying their best. And in doing so, she imagined what it was like to be free."

"Fear was when you wandered into a cellar and worried that the door would close shut. Despair was when the door closed and locked behind you."

"You don't have to understand life. You just have to live it."

"To be part of nature was to be part of the will to live."


You might like this book if you enjoy more philosophical topics that aren't completely rooted in reality. If you have seen and enjoyed the movie Mr. Nobody, you can find parallels to that in this book.

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