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White Tale Coffee logo depicting the great white whale, Moby Dick, diving into a cup of coffee.
White Tale Coffee and the logo depicting the great white whale, Moby Dick

Good stories sometimes have humble starts. White Tale Coffee's story, still in the making, is no exception. After a cathartic moment in the life of one of them, three lifelong friends got together to materialize their dream of starting a business with a purpose beyond the economic realm. The whole purpose of their endeavor is travel the world sourcing great coffee with equally great stories - and bring those coffee growers' tales and their beans to you.

Looking for great coffee with meaningful, inspiring stories behind it was particularly hard for two Colombians living abroad. Reminiscing the flavors and traditions revolving around coffee from back home they realized they could tap into their business acumen, bringing more value to the table for both consumers as well as growers. They regarded their particular cultural perspective as a competitive advantage in a world where people want to know more about what their food contains and where it is coming from. A special connection to these magical landscapes combined with a hunger for traveling the world in search of both great coffee and inspiring stories set the foundations for White Tale Coffee's establishment. Our premise is to work hard to honor the legacy of coffee, its riveting culture, and its centuries-old traditions.

Our quest for great coffee takes inspiration from the white whale's (aka Moby Dick) legend. We look up to such a majestic creature while trying to emulate its journey, undisturbed yet determined, throughout the seven seas - with the slight variation that ours is bound for great coffee. 
Since White Tale Coffee's start, it's been through many decisions, trials, and tribulations of its own. From changing owner hands, to expanding on and deciding which grower partnerships we want to have most, to trying new products in our store (some loved, some not so much), we've been on a journey that's been quite the tale itself. 

Our quality pledge, to bring you the most amazing coffee experiences, is something we are constantly striving for. Our tale - still in writing, still coming to life to be told - is brewing full of aroma as well as flavor. Hope you enjoy it.

South America, circa 1750

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