White Tale Coffee

Where does good Coffee come from?

White Tale Coffee is committed in delivering delicious coffee directly from the best sources on earth right to your doorstep. We wanted to share with you what we think about when finding new coffee sources.

How it's grown

Geography: Where the coffee is grown might be as important as how it is grown. Many people believe that growing at higher altitudes is associated with better quality beans.

Variety: Coffee is divided in two main families—Arabica and Robusta. This can impact everything from flavor to caffeine content.

Weather and atmospheric conditions: Weather is hard to predict, let alone replicate. Therefore, expecting the same cup of coffee crop after crop is equivalent to expecting the same wine harvest after harvest. It’s only achievable through blending and tweaking the roasting process.

Soil: The composition of soil can impact drainage, root establishment and other factors. The nutrients (or lack thereof) in the soil can significantly impact growth and plant health.

Agronomy: This is a fancy term for things like pest and disease management, tree density, and plant nutrition.



How it's processed:

 Harvesting: The season that the cherries are picked, their color, ripeness, and which are kept or discarded might have the most critical outcome on the final product.

Processing Method: Lastly, the process of sorting, drying and cleaning the coffee cherries can impact richness of flavor, which aspects of the flavor profile are highlighted, and the mouthfeel of the coffee after brewing.

Roasting: Our Head Roaster maintains the beans’ original attributes throughout the process. That means constantly tweaking temperature settings and adjusting the roast time depending on cupping results, humidity levels, and batch size.



How it's consumed:

 Brewing: Different brewing methods bring out different coffee attributes. Remember our last email?

Mood: Make sure your coffee matches it so you can enjoy every single drop.

That being said, you can rest assured our team is making their best effort to bring you great coffee. Wherever it is being grown, we’ll make our way there to bring it to you. It’s White Tale Coffee’s quality pledge. Simple as that.