White Tale Coffee

Want to get the perfect grind?

Properly grinding your coffee is an important part of your ritual. It is a vital piece of the process, so we have created a quick guide for you, laying out the fundamentals, the dos, and the don’ts.


Grind Guide

  • Grind Setting: Extra Coarse
    • Grind contains large particles, but beans are still thoroughly broken up. Slightly larger than kosher salt.
      • Best For: Cold-brew/Toddy
  • Grind Setting: Coarse
    • Grind contains distinct particles. Similar to kosher salt used for canning and pickling.
      • Best For: French press
  • Grind Setting: Medium-Coarse
    • Gritty, but no slivers of grinds. Similar to coarse sand.
      • Best For: Flat-bottomed filters, namely automatic coffee makers
  • Grind Setting: Medium
    • Feels slightly smooth when rubbed between thumb and finger. Slightly smaller particles than table salt.
      • Best For: Cone-shaped filters, including manual poor overs and automatic coffee makers
  • Grind Setting: Fine
    • Smooth, but can still feel individual grains. Finer than sugar but not quite a powder.
      • Best For: Espresso
  • Grind Setting: Extra Fine
    • Cannot feel individual grains. Powdered sugar or flour consistency.
      • Best For: Turkish coffee