White Tale Coffee


What is a coffee subscription?

Coffee subscriptions are the easiest way to get the freshest coffee possible delivered to your door. We make it easy for you to select how often and how much coffee you'd like to receive. We roast and ship close to on-demand, ensuring you receive fresh beans when you need them.


How do I choose the right subscription for me?

There are three things to consider: which coffee would you like, how much do you need, and how often do you need to receive it.

Start with the coffee that strikes your fancy. Then, figure out how much coffee you go through on a weekly basis. Geeky math time!

Short story long, you should... this is too confusing... even for me... Not doing it this way. I'm making a table. Tables are awesome:

Cups/day Recommended Subscription Amount
1 One 12oz bag every 4 weeks
2 One 12oz bag every 2 weeks
One 12oz bag every week
Two 12oz bags every week


I'm going on vacation and don't need coffee this week? What can I do?

We've got you covered! You can easily skip deliveries (as many as you'd like) until you come back and are ready for fresh coffee. Go to My Account, click on Subscriptions, and make any changes necessary.


I have too much coffee! What do I do!?

First, freeze it! Coffee preserves its freshness when you freeze it. Secondly, you should skip a delivery or two, and perhaps re-jigger your subscription frequency.


What happens when the product I subscribed to runs out?

Our inventory is constantly changing depending on availability, seasons, weather, and many other factors. If you subscribe to a particular product, and we run out of it, not to worry! We'll alert you when that happens and switch the subscription to a similar product. Also, you'll have the ability to change it at will.


Return and Refund Policy - Happiness Guarantee

It's simple! Your happiness with the White Tale experience is paramount. If we don't meet or exceed your expectations, for any reason, we'll provide a refund or exchange the product until you're happy.