White Tale Coffee

Our Story

The story of White Tale Coffee begins in Colombia, where three boys met as children. While they parted ways, each becoming a traveler and global citizen in their own right, they remained connected by their homeland. Eventually, that connection brought them back together through social media, and then with visits to their new homes in San Francisco, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Each time the friends would gather over coffee and talk about home.

At some point, over a cup of coffee, it dawned on them. They shared a connection to each other through coffee, in the same way they shared a connection to the farmers in their homeland who grew it. Yet while they could sit and talk to each other about their lives, families, and dreams, they had no earthly way of knowing anything about the farmers who cultivated the coffee that brought these three friends together.

So, the three friends made a vow: to learn and spread the stories of where their coffee came from. From this day on, they wanted anyone who had the pleasure of tasting the best coffee on Earth to also have the satisfaction of knowing whose hands had touched that coffee, what communities were sustained by that purchase, and the coffee bean journey from farm to cup.

Today, that promise is a reality, where we now take the finest responsibly-sourced beans from around the world and roast them fresh for our customers. We curate your coffee experience, tell the stories of our farmers and their families, and bring it all to your doorstep.

White Tale brings people closer to their coffee.