White Tale Coffee

About Us



White Tale refers to the classic novel, Moby Dick, and the search for something never quite obtainable.  For White Tale Coffee that means seeking out the most ethically sourced coffee, and ones deserving of a good story, even if that means paying a little more. 

Sustainably Grown; Equitably Traded

While there are a lot of certifications out there, many require small farms to pay huge fees to be part of their "certificates". Ironically, the names of these certificates make it sound like they are ethical WHILE cutting huge profits from farmers. Because of these issues we only source coffee traded equitably and grown using sustainable farming practices.   Our love of this planet, a good story, and some of the best coffee you can find is what we’re about. 



How It’s Sourced: We’re committed to bringing you coffee from the best places on Earth. When choosing a farm, we examine the unique combination of landscape, climate, soil properties, and overall ecosystem health. Even coffee grown in ideal conditions will have varying yields, and farmers sort their beans by quality and sell it to different roasters at different prices. We take care to ensure each hand-picked bean is one capable of creating the perfect cup.

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How It’s Roasted: Roasting is to coffee as cooking is to food – when done expertly, it transforms the bean into something divine. Our head roaster is like a Michelin star chef, using his expert knowledge along with heat and time to pull the best qualities from each green coffee variety we source. Coffee is best enjoyed within 2-14 days of roasting, so we roast in small batches at our Denver, CO, facility to ensure perfect timing for each shipment to your doorstep.

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Our Commitment: Most people don't know they are actually drinking stale coffee beans. Coffee beans go bad the way vegetables and fruit do. Once the beans are roasted the deterioration process starts. Most coffee in grocery stores have been sitting on shelves for months after being roasted. Our coffee is roasted and sent directly to you within 2-14 days so it’s some of the freshest money can buy.

Who we support & why we support them

Coffee and stories bring people together and build communities.  So, we support educators and authors.  They inspire us to think critically and to do better.  They help us unwind, learn, contribute, and see the world in a more positive light. 

And we believe in, and support, the farmers who fight the elements to grow our coffee.  We support women owned farms whenever possible, and farmers who care about the environment as much, or more, than they care about selling coffee.

Talk is cheap.  Making a difference isn’t.