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• Tumbuh Coffee •

Papua New Guinea Medium roast Washed Process Notes of dark chocolate, guava, almond

$ 25.00

  • Tumbuh (pronounced: 'toom-boo') is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for a heavy body with exotic flavors for anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to try tropical foods. Hailing from the most fertile region of Papua New Guinea, the Tumbuh roast boasts notes of almonds, guava, and chocolate.


    • Variety: Arabica
    • Processing Method: Fully washed, soaked, then sundried
    • Elevation: 1650 m
    • Soil Type: Volcanic
    • Country: Papua New Guinea
    • Region: Jiwaka Province
    • Farm Name: Kiam Wet Mill
    • Grower: Various smallholders
    • Harvest: May- Sept. 2020



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