White Tale Coffee

• Project 1246: Sigfredo's Story Coffee •

El Salvadorian Medium Roast Natural Process Flavor notes of cherry, plum, fig, and cranberry

$ 29.99

  • NOTE: This coffee is currently under preorder until Aug 6th


  • Why We Picked It: We are absolutely enamored with Sigfredo's approach to taming the fragile Pacamara variety of coffee. It all comes down to the care and the surrounding flora you can find in Los Naranjos Cafe. Sigfredo and his farmers see the farm as an ecosystem of flora and fauna. The harvests of the sweet Pacamara bean are only made possible through rigorous trial and error and a deep understanding of the plants.

    • Tasting Notes: Cherry, plum, fig, and cranberry
    • How to Brew: Lends well to all methods but pour over methods will bring out this coffee's unique flavors
    • We Roasted: Medium roast. We found a medium roast allowed the abundant sweetness of this natural processed coffee to come to the for while still allowing the pleasant brightness to shine
    • Variety: Pacamara
    • Processing Method: Natural
    • Screen Size: 15+ 
    • Elevation: 1460–2000 m
    • Soil Type: Volcanic
    • Country: El Salvador
    • Region:  Apaneca-Ahuachapán (at the base of Santa Ana Volcano)
    • Partner: Sigfredo Corado Marquez
    • Farm: Los Naranjos Cafe
    • Harvest: 2020

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