White Tale Coffee

• · Pour-Over Coffee Station Kit for Two · •

$ 125.00

This is the ultimate gadget for coffee enthusiasts and coffee geeks alike - the best and easiest way to enjoy a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee. A simple yet elegant design to extract the best flavor out of great coffee. White Tale's pour-over coffee station is hand made out of three choices of laser engraved wood - walnut, cherry (shown), and hard maple - with an industrial look. It comes with two V60 (size 2) Hario ceramic drippers, two bags of our Roaster's Choice, and a pack of one hundred V60 Hario paper filters. If you want to step up your coffee game without overcomplicating it consider this as a natural extension of the craft

How to use it -·- Place the ceramic dripper on one of the top panel's holes; then put a filter on top of the ceramic dripper, and pour ground coffee (medium to fine grind) onto it. Place a cup just below the top panel's hole, making sure it's centered with the compass rose. Now proceed to pour boiling hot water on the coffee grounds in concentric circles, making sure water is evenly distributed, until the ceramic dripper is full. Wait one minute until all the water is drained. Take your cup. Enjoy.

Kit Includes:

  • Hand-crafted pour-over stand for two drippers
  • Two Hario V60 Size-2 White Ceramic Drippers
  • 100 Hario V60 Paper Filters
  • Two bags of coffee of your choice