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Costa Rican Light Roast Red Honey Process notes of black figs and molasses

$ 25.00

  • Why We Picked It: Don Carlos Barrantes and his wife Dona Diana work five small farms at the La Perla Del Cafe Micromill. Every picking season, the same group of indigenous Panama pickers, family to the Barrantes', focus on coffee cherries the color of sangre de toro, or "bull's blood." The coffee cherries, instead of going through Costa Rica's unique centralized coffee milling economy, go through Don Carlos' pristine La Perla Del Cafe Micromill.

    Costa Rica is famous for its top-notch honey processes. Several growers in other countries have tried to imitate the quality but haven't achieved the consistency alongside the quality. A key to the process of how coffee farms work in Costa Rica: growers bring their unprocessed coffee cherries to central processing mills that have the scale and operational ability to ensure consistent cup quality.


    • Tasting Notes: Black fig aftertaste with molasses mouthfeel
    • How to Brew: Espresso, Aeropress, Chemex
    • We Roasted: Light roast to reveal the fruity flavor notes due to the red honey process. Coffee beans created through the red honey process blossom in your mouth with the right brewing method. With a partial removal of the coffee cherry's flesh, all the sugar present in the fruit permeates the beans and provides a distinct aftertaste. Perfect for a mild espresso without the acidity that comes with darker roasts.
    • Variety: Villa Sarchi
    • Processing Method: Honey
    • Elevation: 1500 m
    • Soil Type: Loamy
    • Country: Costa Rica
    • Region: Cirri Sur, Naranjo
    • Farm name: Finca Palomar
    • Grower: Carlos Barrantes family
    • Harvest: January–April
    • Certifications: Organic
    • New Lot: 2018

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