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· La Mirella · Organic ·

Costa Rican light roast red honey process notes of black figs and molasses

$ 22.00

· La Mirella · Organic ·
· La Mirella · Organic · · La Mirella · Organic · · La Mirella · Organic · · La Mirella · Organic ·

$ 22.00

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  • We cupped several roast and found honey, fig, and molasses flavor notes with a floral aroma; the creamy body in tandem with a white grape juice acidity balanced it out perfectly for us. This is a great coffee, suitable for any occasion. Enjoy.

    The Story Behind the Perfect Cup:

    Don Oscar, along with his wife Francisca, manage this organic micro-mil located in the Central Region of Costa Rica...

    Read the Full Tale 

    • Variety: Caturra, Catuai
    • Processing Method: Red Honey (read the full tale for further explanation)
    • Elevation: 4,740 ft. (1,450 mts.)
    • Soil Type: Volcanic
    • Country: Costa Rica
    • Region: Sabanilla de Alajuela
    • Farm name:  La Mirella
    • Grower: Oscar Chacón, proud lieutenant of Finca La Mirella
    • Harvest: Nov - Mar
    • Certifications: Organic

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