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Colombian medium roast Sugar Cane Process DECAF Notes of cocoa, toffee and clementine

$ 25.00

  • A smart choice for those who don't handle very well the effects of caffeine but can't help it when it comes to the smell of a good cup of coffee. Smooth cocoa and toffee flavor notes combined with clementine acidity/sweetness is what we all agreed on after several cupping iterations. A wonderful brew for any time of the day - or night!

    The Story Behind the Perfect Cup:

    To decaffeinate coffee, the beans are first hydrated with water and steam. This makes the beans swell, which facilitates the caffeine extraction process. Once properly hydrated, the beans are washed with ethyl acetate, a natural alcohol made from fermented sugar cane. Caffeine is extracted into this solution and then washed away with water and steam. Finally, the beans are allowed to dry until they reach their original moisture content. The result is a coffee bean with all of its original flavor but a mere fraction of the caffeine it was born with ...

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    • Variety: Colombia, Caturra
    • Processing Method: Fully washed, sun dried, and decaffeinated using the Sugar Decaffeination Water Process (SDP)
    • Elevation: 4,600 - 5,740 ft. (1,400 - 1,750 mts.)
    • Soil Type: Volcanic
    • Country: Colombia
    • Region: Planadas, Tolima
    • Farm Name: Various smallholders
    • Grower: AGPROCEM co-op (61 families)
    • Harvest: Sep - Dec
    • Certifications: N.A.
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