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• Koboko Peaberry Coffee •

Tanzanian dark roast washed process Notes of Peanut, Lemon and Cedar

$ 25.00

  • We perceived nutty flavors, with peanuts standing out from the crowd. Also, a lemon acidity and a Spanish cedar aftertaste delighted our taste buds when cupping these exotic Tanzanian beans.

    The Story Behind the Perfect Cup:

    What's a peaberry? It's when a single bean develops inside the coffee cherry, instead of the familiar two flat beans. The theory is that all the virtues of the coffee cherry are in only one bean, rather than split among two halves. Another reason for the popularity of Tanzanian peaberries is simply a matter of market forces - supply and demand. The Japanese buy the bulk of Tanzanian flatberries (regular coffee beans) and since the peaberries have been sorted out, a market was needed for the peaberries. Usually, about five percent of all coffee is graded as peaberry. Since Tanzanian peaberries have the cult following mentioned above, voilà! Exotic Tanzanian Peaberries! ...

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    • Variety: Bourbon, Kents, Typica, Blue Mountain
    • Processing Method: Fully washed and sun dried
    • Elevation: 3,940 - 4,600 ft. (1,200 -1,400 mts.)
    • Soil Type: Volcanic
    • Country: Tanzania
    • Region: Arusha, Tanzania
    • Farm Name: Various smallholders
    • Grower: Various Smallholders in association with ACU coop
    • Harvest: May - Dec
    • Certifications: N.A.

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