White Tale Coffee

• Kabriza · FT Coffee •

Tanzanian medium roast washed process chocolate, grapefruit acidity, cedar

$ 25.00

  • We Picked Because: Free Trade beans focused on small farmers. This region is part of Africa Rift Valley, one of the most fertile on the continent. Bean quality is world-renowned and COOPAC is committed to environmental and social sustainability in addition to producing high quality coffee.

    Grown in volcanic soil, same day harvest to Kabrizi washing station, fair trade certified: COOPROCAKI was formed in 2016 to represent 975 growers. The larger COOPAC cooperative works hard to ensure sustainability: processing waste turns into fertilizer, shade trees distributed to farmers to prevent soil erosion, and constructing schools, clinics, roads, and bridges in community.

    • Tasting Notes: Heavy mouthfeel with chocolate, grapefruit acidity notes, and cedar flavors
    • How to Brew: Coffee dripper, French Press, V60
    • We Roasted: Medium roast to reveal the fruity flavor notes, fine tune the chocolate aroma, and bring to life the earthiness that the East side of the Rift Valley coffee beans offer.
    • Variety: Bourbon, Mayaguez
    • Processing Method: Washed
    • Elevation: 1500–2000 m
    • Soil Type: Volcanic
    • Country: Rwanda
    • Region: Rutsiro and Rubavu Districts, Western Province
    • Farm name: COOPAC Cooperative, Kabrizi Washing Station
    • Grower: 975 growers of COOPROCAKI
    • Harvest: February–May
    • Certifications: Fair Trade

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