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• Cumbre Coffee •

Guatemalan Light Roast Honey Process Notes of cherry, apricot, and milk chocolate

• Cumbre Coffee •

Guatemalan Light Roast Honey Process Notes of cherry, apricot, and milk chocolate

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  • Currently, we're sourcing our Cumbre beans from La Ceiba in Guatemala.¬†We selected a coffee from Guatemala's premier growing region. Merging the best of Huehue's known profile with the exotic honey processing method to bring you this wonderfully complex coffee.

    Huehuetenango is one of Guatemala’s three non-volcanic regions, as well as its highest and driest under cultivation, making it one of the best for coffee production.

    Currents of hot air sweep up from the Plains of Tehuantepec, in Oaxaca, Mexico, and mix here with the cool air descending from the Cuchumatanes Mountains, creating a microclimate that’s protected from frost and allowing coffee to be cultivated at up to 2,000 meters.

    Huehuetenango’s extreme remoteness requires that nearly all producers process their own coffee. Fortunately, the region has abundant rivers and streams, making it relatively easy for producers to set up mills. Still more fortunately, Huehue’s geographic conditions help to create exceptional coffees with a distinct acidity and fruity flavors.

    SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) specifies that the coffee was grown at an altitude above 1,350 meters. (This term is also synonymous with SHG/Strictly High Grown, a classification that’s higher than HB.) EP (European Preparation) means that the green coffee was sorted by hand to remove any defective beans and foreign material.

    • Tasting Notes:¬†Cherry, apricot, and milk chocolate
    • Mouthfeel:¬†Creamy and smooth
    • Body:¬†Syrupy, sweet¬†
    • Acidity:¬†Juicy
    • How to Brew: Espresso, Aeropress, Chemex
    • We Roasted: Light roast to¬†reveal the fruity flavor notes due to the honey process.¬†Coffee beans created through the honey process blossom in your mouth with the right brewing method. With a partial removal of the coffee cherry's flesh, all the sugar present in the fruit permeates the beans and provides a distinct aftertaste.¬†Perfect for a mild espresso without the acidity that comes with¬†darker roasts.
    • Variety:¬†Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Catimor, Sarchimor, Pache, Pacamara
    • Processing Method: Honey
    • Elevation:¬†1,500 m
    • Country:¬†Guatemala
    • Region:¬†Huehuetenango
    • Grower:¬†Series of small producers

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