White Tale Coffee

• 2-Pack Women Grown Las Mercedes Whole Bean Coffee •

$ 31.90

Help yourself to the light, sweet flavor and aroma of coffee made from beans grown on the woman-owned Las Mercedes family farm in Cerro el Tigre, El Salvador. Owner Ortiz Barriere leads a chapter of the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) and trains the women working on her farm to detect plant diseases, safeguarding their livelihood. IWCA provides these same coffee workers with education and specialized care to prevent cervical and breast cancer. Nordstrom is proud to support these women in coffee.

Cupping notes:

-Roast: light

-Flavor: fresh cream, brown sugar

-Body: round, silky

-Aroma: citrus, floral

  • Includes two 12 oz. packages
  • Sourced from Las Mercedes farm, Cerro el Tigre, El Salvador
  • Item #5901014