White Tale Coffee


In 2011, I thought it might be fun to stick a Rancilio Silvia V3 espresso machine on my wedding registry, thinking it would go unpurchased. My closest friends decided to band together to stick it right back to me by purchasing the machine, starting me down the rabbit hole of home espresso enthusiast culture. I'm now on my second machine, a custom Slayer single group plumbed into a custom wet bar, along with a myriad of pour over coffee tools. My passion is taking what I've learned to help others get to that next level of coffee or espresso.

Aside from espresso and coffee, I also do slow-smoked American BBQ, bake artisanal bread, and go after perfecting the foods that we mostly assume are beyond our home kitchens.

I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA (now apparently a unicorn status). After UC Davis, I did chip engineering at Intel and Qualcomm, before landing at Cisco to do executive stage demonstrations. I completed my Evening and Weekend MBA at UC Berkeley Haas in 2017.