White Tale Coffee

Project 1246

A new chapter is brewing in the White Tale saga.



Why 1246?



An average of 1246 beans are in a 12oz bag of coffee.

How did we confirm this?

We counted.

In counting each individual bean, you can't help but to be humbled in the knowledge that this kind of meticulous action is the standard for some of the best coffee around the world.

Project 1246 is an ode to the people who provide an unmatched passion for these beans and the plants that produce them, to the people whose stories have yet to be told in entirety: the farmers.

The farms that we source from are far from average, challenging what we know about coffee and about sustainable farming. 

The result?

A far from average cup of coffee.

Arriving in May is Sigfredo's Story.

Where does Sigfredo's Story come from?   

This first installment of Project 1246 is filled with beans of the Pacamara variety sourced from Sigfredo Corodo’s Finca Los Angeles in El Salvador. The Pacamara variety is a naturally occurring variant of the Bourbon species of Arabica. It is delicate in nature at every step in its life from initial planting to final roasting.   

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