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Aricha Coffee

Ethiopian Light Roast
Yirgacheffe // Natural Process
Notes of Blueberry and Cinnamon

from $ 25.00

Café de Paz Coffee

Colombian Medium Roast
Colombia varietals // Honey Process
Berry, brown sugar, caramel, and floral flavor notes

$ 20.00

Chiuta Coffee

Congolese Medium Roast
Bourbon varietal // Washed Process
Flavor notes of sugar cane, black berry tart, and butter

from $ 25.00

Fazenda · Organic Coffee

Brazilian Dark Roast
Acaiá, Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo // Natural Process
Notes of Kiwi with Peanut, Chocolate and Coffee Cherry

from $ 25.00

Kabriza · FT Coffee

Tanzanian Medium Roast
Bourbon Mayaguez // Washed and Dried in Beds
Notes of Cocoa, Sugar Cane & Hibiscus

from $ 25.00

Koboko Peaberry Coffee

Tanzanian Dark Roast
Bourbon, Kents Typica, and Blue Mountain // Washed Process
Notes of Peanut, Lemon and Cedar

from $ 25.00

La Gaitana · Decaf Coffee

Colombian Medium Roast
Colombia and Caturra // Sugar Cane Process
Notes of Cocoa, Toffee and Clementine

from $ 25.00

La Mirella Coffee

Costa Rican Light Roast
Caturra and Catuai // Red Honey Process
Notes of Honey, Fig, and Molasses

from $ 25.00

La Union Coffee

Colombian Light Roast
Castillo varietal // Natural Process
Flavor notes of plum, wheat, walnuts

from $ 25.00

La Uva Coffee

Colombian Medium Roast
Caturra, Castillo // Fully Washed
Notes of Graham Cracker and Watermelon

from $ 25.00

Laderas Coffee

Colombian Medium-Light Roast
Caturra, Colombia, Bourbon // Washed Process
Notes of Caramel, Cacao & Tangerine

from $ 25.00

Lava Quetzal Coffee

Guatemalan Dark Roast
Caturra, Catimor, Bourbon // Washed Process
Notes of Caramel, Cedar & Raisin

from $ 25.00

OretI Coffee

Kenyan Light Roast
SL-14 and SL-28 // Washed Process
Notes of Grapefruit and Rhubarb

from $ 25.00

Pango Pango Coffee

Sulawesian Dark Roast
Typica varietal // Double Washed Process
Flavor notes of pecan, toast, chocolate

from $ 25.00

Tamana Coffee

Colombian Light Roast
Caturra varietal // Washed Process
Flavor notes of barley, cacao nibs, cantaloupe

from $ 25.00

Urapo Coffee

Colombian Medium Roast
Caturra // Honey Process
Notes of Caramel and Melon

from $ 25.00

Urubamba · Organic Coffee

Peruvian Light Roast
Typica, Caturra, and Bourbon varietals // Washed Process
Flavor notes of toffee, fresh wood, mild lemon

from $ 25.00