White Tale Coffee

Direct Trade

Small lots prefer trading directly with coffee buyers rather than a middleman. Not all Fair Trade is fair. We want to maximize the farms profits so that they are equipped to improve working conditions and implement sustainable farming practices.


When we participate in Direct Trade, we contribute to a more equitable coffee economy, one where farms and farmers are more involved in driving policy. All sales on Direct Trade ensure that we can continue to buy coffee above market price.

Lava Quetzal Coffee

Costa Rican Dark Roast
Caturra/Catuai // Washed Process
Notes of Green apple brightness, cherry, milk chocolate, caramel

from $ 16.50

La Uva Coffee

El Salvadoran Medium Roast
Pacamara // Natural Process
Notes of Cherry, plum, fig, and cranberry

from $ 16.50

Cumbre Coffee

Guatemalan Light Roast
Caturra and Catuai // Honey Process
Notes of Cherry, Apricot, and Milk Chocolate

from $ 16.50