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Colombian Medium Roast Washed Process Notes of Barley, cacao nibs, nougat butter mouthfeel, cantaloupe

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$ 24.00

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  • We Picked Because: Nico personally visited Elias Roa's farm, Finca Tamana, in 2016 and met the family. Elias has one of the most rigorous bean selection processes we've witnessed with a religious devotion to cup quality and flavor.

    Elias Roa is curious, charismatic, earnest, and passionate: a truly remarkable individual. He has been growing coffee since he was a small child. Continually experimenting with coffee processing to improve quality, Elias is bringing his beans directly to roasters in Europe and the US.

    • Tasting Notes: Barley and cacao nibs aftertaste, nougat butter mouthfeel, and cantaloupe flavor notes
    • How to Brew: Chemex, V60, Espresso
    • We Roasted: Light to Medium roast to reveal the fruity flavor notes. High concentration of sugars due to elevation also stand out with this roast profile.
    • Variety: Caturra
    • Processing Method: Washed
    • Elevation: 1300-1500 m
    • Soil Type: Volcanic
    • Country: Colombia
    • Region: Huila
    • Farm name: Finca Tamana
    • Grower: Elias Roa
    • Harvest: March - June
    • Certifications: Single Origin

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