White Tale Coffee

• Kitamu Coffee •

Rwandan dark roast washed process Notes of Mango, Black Tea, Oranges, and White Grape

$ 25.00

  • This lot is produced by 300 smallholder women producers from a women coffee association that works with Gihanga Coffee in Mbizi coffee washing station. The Women association was initially founded by 600 women as a cooperative focused on creating a space for female producers to have a stronger voice in Rwandan coffee production. As of now, 60% of Women co-op members are women, with growing initiatives working to expand membership within the region. Their co-ops journey involves challenges and rewards, and a focus on providing medical care to many in the area. To date, 300 of them currently receive medical insurance due to their progress.

    • Aroma: Honey
    • Mouthfeel: Light and clean
    • We Roasted: We roasted dark to bring out the sweet yet subtle flavoring brought from the red bourbon bean varietal
    • Tasting Notes: Mango, sweet black tea, oranges, and white grapes
    • Variety: Red Bourbon
    • Processing Method: Fully washed and sun dried
    • Elevation: 1,400 - 1,750 meters
    • Soil Type: Volcanic
    • Country: Rwanda
    • Region: Kamonyi
    • Farm Name: Rukoma
    • Grower: 300 various female smallholder producers associated with Gihanga Coffee in Mbizi

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