White Tale Coffee

• La Union Coffee •

Colombian Light Roast Natural Process Flavor notes of plum, wheat, walnuts

$ 25.00

  • We Picked Because: Nico and Daniel picked this lot because of the sharing profits scheme the exporter has put in place with the community. They have been working together to share the benefits of improved quality and crop consistency. Also, single origin coffees are something White Tale Coffee is actively looking for because of the quality effects in the cup's profile. Beans coming from the same region have same density and attributes, which allows for an enhanced roast and overall cup quality.

    The Venteños is the demonym of the inhabitants of La Union, a municipality located south of Colombia, in northern Nariño. The name of the Union stems from the rivalry between the two main landowners in the region. The story goes that, to settle their differences and as a symbol of reconciliation, both decided to donate a portion of their land. In these areas, it is currently the municipality. This region has been characterized by how work is organized. True to the name of the town (La Union = The Union), families have developed strategies for collaborative work to market their directly to US and European markets. The Venteños microlot brings together the best coffee of La Union and especially represents the diversity of their coffee culture, coming together in a cohesive way representing signature features of that particular southern region of Colombia. The Venteños is comprised of sixteen regional coffee farmers and their families, in which the crown of the crop is set aside for special customers like White Tale Coffee. Participating farms' production is not large, but they have coffee profiles that can contribute to building a balanced and delicate single origin selection.

    • Tasting Notes: Clementine acidity, chocolate mouthfeel, and hazelnut aftertaste
    • How to Brew: Drip Machine, Espresso, French Press
    • We Roasted: Light roast to allow citric acidity shine through. High concentration of sugars due to elevation also stand out with this roast profile, A relatively long roast (i.e. flat roast profile) allows nutty flavors to rise to the occasion.
    • Variety: Colombia, Caturra, Castillo, CR-95
    • Processing Method: Natural
    • Elevation: 1450 - 1900 m
    • Soil Type: Volcanic
    • Country: Colombia
    • Region: La Union, Northern Nariño
    • Farm name: Various
    • Grower: Sixteen regional microlot coffee farmers and their families
    • Harvest: December - March
    • Certifications: Single Origin

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