White Tale Coffee

A New Face at White Tale Coffee, and How We Brew!

A New Face at White Tale Coffee, and How We Brew!

Greetings coffee drinkers!

My name is Matt and I'm excited to be here with Nico, Tomás, and You at White Tale Coffee!

Where Matt makes Coffee

You may have already spotted me via email for your questions - keep them coming! You'll be hearing more from me in the coming months:

  • helping you get more out of your existing coffee equipment at home
  • new coffees we have coming
  • answering your questions on our coffees
  • foods that go well with coffee

But a bit of history to start: my coffee journey started in 2011. I thought it might be fun to stick a Rancilio Silvia V3 espresso machine on my wedding registry, thinking it would go unpurchased. My closest friends decided to band together to stick it right back to me by purchasing the machine! 

This sent me down the rabbit hole of home espresso enthusiast culture. I'm still going down the rabbit hole, and my passion is taking what I've learned to help you get to that next level of coffee or espresso! I'm now on my second espresso machine, a custom 2017 Slayer along with a growing collection of coffee brewers.

Closeup: Matt's Brew Setup

My father was a master electrician for high-end residential homes: I spent a lot of my youth helping him out on weekends. That show up here: the wet bar is fully plumbed into the Slayer espresso machine (no need to pour water in and no need to empty a drain pan), along with a dedicated electrical circuit to handle the Slayer's commercial-strength dual boilers:

  • Slayer espresso machine
  • Mazzer Mini grinder
  • Leveler & Tamper: St Anthony Industries
  • Acaia lunar espresso scale

I do coffee too!

  • red Hario V60
  • Chemex
  • Aeropress
  • Baratza Vario grinder
  • OXO adjustable temperature pour over kettle
  • Acaia pearl scale

This is where I've been testing our coffees to ensure that the coffees Nico creates works in your home too!

Nico's Home Brewing Station

Nico sports a

  • A Breville Barista Express for espresso
  • Chemex for coffee
  • hand-painted Café de Colombia wood art
The nice big bang box comes in handy for collecting those espresso pucks, and you can see just off to the side the electric kettle for the Chemex.

Tomás' Brew Setup

Tomás, on the other hand, brews with:

  • French Press
  • dual Hario V60's in a custom White Tale Coffee pour over station
  • Aeroress
  • Baratza Encore grinder
  • Japanese hand grinder, ceramic
  • Two kettles: fast pour and slow pour

There's a soft-brew pot that didn't make it into the picture. Camera shy, perhaps...Tomás is our king of decaf - you'll find him making sure that our decaf coffees are up to snuff!

And that's how Nico, Tomas, and I do coffee at home at White Tale Coffee!