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Grower's Tale: Don Oscar + La Mirella

Don Oscar, along with his wife Francisca, manage this organic micromil located in the Central Region of Costa Rica, characterized by its fertility due to its proximity to the Poaz Volcano. They are the third-generation of a coffee producing family with over 80 years of experience. They are known for being pioneers in processing high-quality Honeys and Naturals in Central America.  Don Oscar and his 6 brothers inherited this farm from their grandfather.

Oscar and Francisca believe in the preservation of their environment, something that is underscored in the organic practices they have chosen when cultivating and processing their coffee beans. They are able to produce organic coffee in a region where it is almost inexistent. Their high-quality product is fully traceable and their water use is minimal, as they do not wash their coffee. La Mirella is characterized by its honey process, which consist of leaving on 100% of the mucilage (coffee cherry pulp) instead of washing it. Coffee beans are turned several times a day on the drying beds to reach specific fermentation and pH levels, giving the coffee a lively acidity. They have been recently experimenting with SL-28 and Obata varieties to expand their product portfolio. We praise this entrepreneurial mindset and that’s a big reason why we like to do business with them.

According to the Chacón Family, “Coffee brings meaning to their life. It is their legacy, their dream, their passion and their future.”

Try this coffee, you will surely enjoy it!

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