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Grower's Tale: Motozintla + Santa Fe

Finca Santa Fe was founded by Mexicans in 1855, and was acquired by German immigrants in 1920, at which point the name was changed to Finca La Esperanza. In 1990 the estate was bought by Mexicans again and the Name was changed to back to Finca Santa Fe de Motozintla. Chiapas is home to Tacaná volcano, Central America’s second highest peak at 13,320 ft. 

Santa Fe is OCIA certified (Organic Crop Improvement Association). The climate at Santa Fe is optimal for producing quality coffee, with native natural surroundings. Minimum temperatures at Santa Fe reach 64°F in the winter, and a maximum temperature of 80°F in the summer. Santa Fe also has an educational program on its property featuring preschool and elementary education.

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