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Grower's Tale: San Agustín + La Ilusión

La Ilusión's coffee is grown by Don Rosevel Ortiz and his family. In his own farm, located in the municipality of San Agustin within the state of Huila, Colombia, Don Rosevel - as he is known in his hometown - produces remarkable beans mainly of the Caturra and Castillo varieties. Despite having been severely affected in the past by the country's internal violence conflicts, the state of Huila has undergone an inspiring transformation in terms of coffee production over the last ten years. According to the State Committee of Coffee Growers over 96% of the growers are considered small scale farmers, their plots averaging 1.5 acres in size.

By focusing on high quality coffee production with relatively young crops, Huila's coffee growers was able to beat Antioquia - longtime producer and until recent Colombia's most renowned coffee powerhouse - taking the Cup Of Excellence (COE) award 4 out of the last 10 times it has been held. COE is a domestic competition focusing on the best specialty coffees grown across Colombia. Don Rosevel joined a government program to benefit farmers who were displaced during the military conflict, allowing him to continue growing and harvesting this superb coffee beans. Enjoy!


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