White Tale Coffee

Grower's Tale: Roger + Buena Vista

Don Roger E. Herrera was born in Ocotal Nueva Segovia on September 29th, 1961. After he finished High School in 1983, he began to grow coffee, working in the coffee farm he inherited from his late father. He belongs to the third generation of coffee growers in his family. His farm is composed mainly of Red Catuai (25 Manzanas) and has some Caturra (5 Manzanas).  Every year he does selective pruning, shade control and coffee replanting among other activities to keep it as sharp as possible.

Most of Don Roger´s weed control is done mechanical methods, the most traditional one is the “Machete”. Due to Roya, one of coffee's most threatening diseases, it is necessary to apply controlled and measured fungicides to prevent the entire crop going to waste.

Nicaragua is known for its fully washed coffees. Culturally common it that area, the coffee cherries get fully ripe until they look like “Sangre de Toro” - meaning bulls blood - when Don Roger proceeds to harvest them. The cherries then go to a pulp-removing machine where pulp and seeds get separated mechanically without using water. Then they go into fermentation tanks where they undergo a natural fermentation process, lasting 16‐20 hours depending on relative humidity and temperature. Once fermented the coffee is washed several time until it gets transported 25 kilometers away from the Coffee Farm to Drying patio at San Fernando. After 5‐6 days of carefully drying the coffee, it is packed and ready to be sold.

Don Roger has the privilege to share his finca with local amazing fauna including, squirrels, deers, armadillos, quetzales, little tigers (tigrillo) and leoncillos.